MISIS has very limited funds. The majority of what has been raised has been spent on promoting the concept of Men’s Sheds and supporting the early stages of those current Sheds that are now open or in the final stages of opening.

 MISIS wants to expand the number of Sheds to new areas of Shropshire, for this we require funding to enable the trustees to visit any part of the county to raise public awarenes of Sheds through public meetings and word of mouth. In this way we hope that we will enable new groups of men to start their own Shed. If you have an interest in sponsoring this work or would like to get involved in helping to open new Men’s Sheds in your own particular locality or another part of Shroposhire please contact us and we can give you some idea of what is involved.

We often find that  a commercial organisation is reluctant to help financially but will help by donating materials and surplus equipment and on one occasion a demountable building. It is often the smaller local organisations that are closer to a particular location that are more supportive than larger national organisations. This is a very good thing because it reinforces the link between the organisation and the community it serves.

MISIS welcomes the involvement of other local community organisations and can provide an experienced speaker to talk to your organisation about the benefits of, and processes involved in creating and running a Men’s Shed.

In each case please contact MISIS in the first instance and we will respond directly either with the details of a group in your locality or how we can discuss your involvement within MISIS.

There is an email contact form on the "contact us" page or  by phone   07833204273